Essex Farm is a 500 acre draft horse-powered farm that produces a full diet for 200 people. The Dirty Life is Kristin's memoir about the farm's startup year.


Harvest Home

Posted 10/03/14 by admin

Week 40, 2014

Iím home on a 24 hour visit, halfway through my writing residency at the Blue Mountain Center. The residency is heavenly but I have missed family and farm. I watched the leaves turning and falling around Blue Mountain Lake and knew that harvest must be in full swing. And so it has been. Mark, Scott and Luke tested out a new potato digger this week. Mark borrowed it from Golden Russet Farm across the lake in Vermont. It is larger than our old one, and bounces the dirt off of the potatoes with a different sort of tine, and also has a swiper on it that combs the weeds off to the side of the windrow, which makes it easier to...

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