Essex Farm is a 500 acre draft horse-powered farm that produces a full diet for 200 people. The Dirty Life is Kristin's memoir about the farm's startup year.



Posted 10/24/14 by admin

Essex Farm Note

†Week 43, 2014

Iím back to the farm and the family, at last. It was a good and productive month away. I finished the proposal for my next book, and now have a deal with the same publisher (Scribner) and the same wonderful editors who worked with me on The Dirty Life. After that business was wrapped up I still had three uninterrupted weeks to work on the manuscript, which was a huge gift. This next book doesnít have a title yet, but it is a sequel to The Dirty Life Ė about farming, food and family. Iím so grateful to Mark and to everyone in the community who pitched in to keep things running here at home.

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