Essex Farm Note

Week 47, 2014

I just got home from a combination vacation and research trip to Mexico, followed by a few days with Mark in New York City for the Essex Farm Institute. It is intensely refreshing to get away, gain perspective, then return to the farm. My fresh eyes see a million reasons to be grateful here on our chilly little slice of earth. Since today is our Thanksgiving distribution, I thought I would share some of them with you.


First, there is the food. I am so grateful for what we get to eat. We are surrounded by plentiful, seasonal, nutritious, clean, exceptionally delicious food, raised with a keen eye to the environmental, social and economic impact of its production. We are connected to the soil, the weather, and the farmers who produced it. We cook it and eat it with care and reverence. The result is the most satisfying experience I can imagine, and we get to do it three times a day. I am aware that we are more fortunate in this regard than almost any people anywhere, in the history of the world. I feel grateful that this food is the hub around which we have built our lives.

Then there are the people. We have weathered a lot of change and challenge on the farm this year. Some key individuals moved on to their next projects, and several new enterprises took up a terrific amount of our collective bandwidth. Because of that, every member of the Essex Farm team has had to bring his or her best effort and then some. I am so grateful to each person who worked here this year for keeping the big warm machine running, through thick and thin.

And then there are our members. Our members are our reason for being and our means for doing it. One of the changes we have witnessed  this year is the expansion of choices for local food in our region, which has tightened the market considerably. We are excited to explore ways to make the market big enough for all our local farmers to have a sustainable piece of it. As we do so, we are extremely grateful to those who continue to support us, and who make this farm possible. We are grateful that they support a form of agriculture that is reaching for true sustainability. Eleven years ago, nobody thought it would be possible to find enough support in our little town for such a radical undertaking, and every week since then, our members have proved them wrong. Thank you so very much.

And that is the news from Essex Farm for this thanks-giving 47th week of 2014.

-Kristin & Mark Kimball


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