Farm Walk mid-January


Mary learning to stay even when her whole being wants to go after those maddening, flappy, squalking birds. The hens are in the greenhouses for the winter.


DSCN0096The sheep are in the east barn, close to lambing. Here they are eating mangel beets, aka sheep crack. When they are finished they look like they are wearing lipstick.


DSCN0120The dairy herd is in the covered barnyard. We’re experimenting with using wood chips as part of the bedding pack in here. Steve is with the cows, and young Martin is with the heifers. Here you see Steve demonstrating the Flehmen response. The bubble over his head reads, “Mmmm pheromones…”


DSCN0111This is the oops herd of pigs, two unexpected litters that are getting good and fat. They have a corner of the covered barnyard, deeply bedded. In the morning they are steamy lumps entirely covered in straw.


DSCN0122Breeding sows, due mid-February. We’ve fed them minimal grain this year, relying on skim milk, mangel beets, vegetable scraps, haylage and the like.


DSCN0106Calf pacifier.


DSCN0131The fields are sleeping but they are still bearing food. Here is the winterbor kale, which is harvested every week. It is starting to yellow a bit but it is very sweet.


DSCN0140The lacinato kale next door is not winter hardy!





DSCN0152Coyote on the left, Mary on the right.


DSCN0155Quiet pastures.


DSCN0157The beef herd has the south side of the second covered barnyard, and the horses the north.


DSCN0164We measure time in hay until spring.


IMG_7020Homeward bound. The solar panels are more efficient when it is cold but not when they are covered with snow! I wish it would slide off.




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