Farm Walk October 30th 2013


Mary’s game face. She’s 12 weeks old now, and she has much more stamina than she did two weeks ago.


Hard freeze. The spent peppers smell good. Mark says this is the smell of the desert southwest, as he knows it.


Tug-o-war with a dead eggplant.


Goodbye, tomatoes. You smell less good now than your neighbors, the peppers.


The lacinato kale has been sweetened by the frost. Now Mark will finally deign to eat it. He is such a vegetable snob.


Family portrait.


The obligatory daikon picture. Mark says he is not camera shy, it’s just that it’s hard for him to stand still while I shoot. I brought this big boy home to make kim chi today. We harvested 200′ of the 600′ that’s out there, which is all we can imagine going through between our members and the farm stand. Looking for a wholesale market for the rest. Any takers out there?

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