Essex Farm Note

Week 39, 2013

Another busy harvest week here. The tomatoes are still coming in, along with some beautiful sweet peppers. Delicata (the small, striped zeppelin-shaped squashes) are in the share today.  We snipped the butternut squashes and the pumpkins from their vines, and they will cure for a week or two before going out to you. The acorns, and a few of the gorgeous kabochas will come in soon. Mark and I harvested celery this morning. It is still nice but a bit tougher than last week. Miranda and I picked a few raspberries yesterday. They are ripening more slowly now that the days are shorter and the nights cooler, but there were enough for a good grazing. Members, feel free to go out and pick, but please don’t drive on the field. While I was out there yesterday, I checked the field corn and the popcorn nearby. I don’t want to jinx us by sounding too hopeful, but the field corn is dented and the popcorn kernels are beginning to look full. The fall weather has been very kind.

All 40 of the early spring pigs are butchered and in the freezer. We saved one sow from that batch for breeding, and she needed to be moved this week from pasture to the sow barn. This is never an easy proposition. A lone pig will not be lured, pushed or herded. But Matt worked as a gaucho in Argentina for a year, so he found a length of climbing rope, made a lasso, and caught her by one back foot on the first throw. If there weren’t credible witnesses I don’t know if I would have believed it.

It’s not to early to start passing the word about our October 12th Harvest Tour. We’d like to make it our biggest ever. This year, we’ll take a hay ride to the far fields, and harvest our way back home. Guests are welcome to fill a bag with the food they have harvested. Free for members, $25/$5 for non-member adults/children. Additional details over at the events page. And that is the news from Essex Farm for this colorful 39th week of 2013. -Kristin & Mark Kimball

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