Essex Farm Note

Winter is the time we consider what comes next, as a family and as a farm. Mark and I go on a retreat every February, to talk about what we’ve done and what we want to do. But this year we’re starting early. We’re already calling 2012 The Year of the Horse. We are committed to expanding the use of horse power here in the coming year beyond the work we already to, to encompass more of our hauling and transportation, and even generating power for farmyard jobs. We want to be fossil fuel free by 2016. We kicked things off last week in a celebratory way, by hitching Jay and Jack to the hay wagon, and hauling the whole extended farm team around Essex for an evening of caroling. We had my great grandparents’ sleigh bells and a crew of 20, with a few extra people picked up along the way. I thought we sounded beautiful but then I am a little tone deaf.

5 thoughts on “Essex Farm Note

    • I also agree with the comfortable feielng of “tourist” that Kristin first felt. But I think the difference came about when she participated in the farm, the growing of things, the providing of food. For me, that is such a powerful part of what we do as farmers! Farming is not a spectator sport and once you become involved, you are committed to other people and other living things. That also contributes to a feielng of home, the nurturing of life the feeding of others that’s home!

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    • This book is a testament to hard work, focus, and dteacidion to sustainable farming. I savored reading it like coming to a “feast” of learning. If it were required reading for high school, our population may begin to understand the importance of todays healthy farmers. Can you tell I give it the highest marks?? Love it!