You know you are a farmer when…


You leave notes like this for your children on Saturday morning.


Spring wardrobe shopping means buying new boots that don’t have holes in them. On a side note, those Baffins didn’t even last one winter. I got a pair of Osca boots because Mark’s have lasted *three years*. (The runner up brand, for Mark, lasted three months.) Oscas are not so easy to find but Billy Boots is their main distributer and they have great customer service. You can google it. $69 with shipping — so they are cheaper than Mucks, and way better, in my opinion. Steel toe, very light, and, made in the USA. 


Your look in the chest freezer to find something for dinner and all you have is frozen colostrum.


First day of warm weather makes you want to take off your boots and squish around in the mud.

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