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  1. I was thinking that hpapres Kristin felt comforted being a foreigner because A) it seemed new and exciting, much like a vacation to a strange, new location and B) because as a foreigner, she could leave at any time. I wasn’t really surprised when her feelings flipped and she felt foreign to her old life. As someone who grew up in the country, moved to the city, and then moved back to the country after marrying and starting a family, I know first hand how it feels to look back at your old life and find it completely invalid and lacking in things of substance. I’m certain that if more people were able to experience the simple joys life affords they might too have a more heartfelt appreciation!I think Kristin was early on swayed by what many of us are: the idyllic farm life. We think of home in our culture and that early Americana picture of the picket fence and pristine wildlife seems to stick. However, just as she found in that initial scouting of the land, we soon find our initial expectations diminished. Thankfully, Kristin found that the realization of this life is far more than the idyllic image.I adore Kristin’s sense of adventure and willingness to redefine her image of home. After all, “Home is where the heart is,” right?My definition of home is being nestled in the place God puts me, surrounded by by husband and children. It’s warmed by more than a hearth and stands taller than any big, red barn.

  2. I watched a program on cahnnel 8 of your farm. I was so amazed of your hard work. Your farm is very beautifull very green. I live in Az its a bit desert like. I would like to take tour of your farm.